In quality we trust

Feeding is of uttermost importance

All our dogs eat Eukanuba-dog food. After feeding our dogs with Eukanuba for few years I can sincerely say that it is a dog food of very high quality. Our dogs are in a good condition and the feeding costs stay in control. Eukanuba has a wide selection of ideal consistency food to offer, especially for puppies and large dog's that are still growing.

Too often, dog owners and breeders stare on the price of a single bag and forget to compare the consistency of the food, the amount of food per each portion, and the digestibility of the food (directly proportional to the amount of waste from the dog).

From the Eukanuba series, you will with certainty find a suitable food for every situation. In addition, Eukanuba gives experts advice on dog feeding. By belonging to the Eukanuba Breeders Club, we get great benefits and the food is delivered directly to your front door two days after putting in an order. I will gladly tell you more about my experiences with Eukanuba!